NYDP - The Deli Patrol

More Flavor Per Pound. It's the Law.™ Available at the finest deli counters. Of course if your local stores don't have any yet, you can let us know and we'll see if we can improve the area for you. It's our mission after all...

Our Mission:

  • To protect deli fans everywhere from waterlogged, flavorless, over-processed deli products.
  • To restore the grandeur of New York’s traditional and ethnic deli specialties that have crossed over into the mainstream – but somehow lost their soul along the way. These once great treats have become all but unrecognizable through assimilation and commercialization.

It’s not easy. But somebody had to step up and save these treasures – and we recognized our calling.

Our Pledge:

  • Flavor and Succulence come first.
  • No added water. Ever.
  • Honor Tradition - Always the best whole cuts of Choice Meats.
  • Real Roasts - Never macerated, formed or cooked in a bag bagged.
  • Only the freshest whole and freshly-ground spices.
  • Gentle Cures, Delicate Smoke, and Slow-Cooked.
  • Better isn’t good enough. Only the best will do.